Meagan De Lima - Vocal & Guitar Teacher
Meagan De Lima - Vocal & Guitar Teacher

“You can be a singer, and you can be a guitar player, but putting them together is another animal.”

– Gavin DeGraw

About Meagan De Lima

Programs Taught: Singing Lessons , Guitar Lessons
Levels Taught: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
Styles: Jazz, R&B
Teaching since: 2013
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Meagan De Lima is a 23-year-old Jazz and R&B artist, with expressive vocals, original guitar stylings and dynamic stage presence, that has been captivating audiences around the GTA area for many years. Meagan began her love for music at the age of six and wanted to begin music as her career ever since. Her main focus in life has always been towards her music and becoming a musician that people could look up to. In her time aside from school she writes music continuously, teaches music and constantly performs in venues in the GTA.

Meagan started to take music seriously when she went to an arts high school and got a scholarship at Toronto’s well known Humber College for their renowned Jazz Music Program. To this point, the highlights of Meagan’s career include performing on the main stage for the Downtown Oakville Jazz Festival in 2012 after Holly Cole, gaining the largest crowd at this festival two years in a row, performing on Dundas Squares stage for a event called Unity Charity and winning a trip from the 2013 Toronto Honey Jams Showcase to sing in the 2013 Honey Jams Barbados Showcase. Meagan uses all her extra time to perform outside of her studies to become more established in the jazz and R&B scene.

Meagan’s captivating voice characterizes a velvet tone, startling clarity and a unique phrasing where you can always hear her impeccable feel for the music. With her outstanding vocal stylings on timeless standards made famous by Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington to more modern and contemporary pieces by Justin Timberlake, Meagan is able to engage any crowd and get them on their feet to dance to the music.

Aside from her voice that has been in the spotlight for years, most audiences are simply amazed by Meagan’s guitar technique where she has quickly mastered walking bass lines and complicated jazz chords as she accompanies herself. Meagan is in the midst of working on her EP, and her music career is aimed to being signed with a Major International Record label.


Designations: Bachelor of Music Degree
School/ College/ University: Humber College
Certifications: None
Awards: None
Languages Spoken: English

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