A perfect blend of music and lyrics is what the success of any song hinges on. Lyrics lend meaning to the otherwise abstract music, makes it much more real. Now, composing a song is no child’s play, but it isn’t all that difficult either. It is all about fitting the right words in the right rhythm; a puzzle of sorts.

Challenging – yes. But not impossible to complete.

So if you’re having another of those “writer’s block” phases, get up and do something about it! Fretting over it only makes it worse! Just follow these tricks and amaze the world with your awesome compositions…..

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Cut some slack!

Do you feel disappointed every time you write something because it is just not good enough? You need to take it easy, cut some slack! Music is a source of joy, an outlet to express yourself not something that’s stressing you out! Also keeping unrealistically high standards of perfection would only result in bitter dissatisfaction. Every famous songwriter has had his bad days you just need to dust yourself up and move on.

Find your inspiration

Often songwriters complain of the fact that there is nothing to inspire them, that’s just an excuse. Everything that you see around you is a source of inspiration. Don’t wait for your muse to come to you; find it in the simplest of things that you observe in everyday life. Make the best out of what you get, you cannot afford to lose time waiting for the perfect moment. You have the gift of imagination; use it well.

Embrace your uniqueness

Don’t blindly follow the trends of the industry. Break free from the shackles of conventions and compose unique original music. Your passion and love for music are reflected in your songs. Also, it does no good being envious of others. Concentrate on bettering your work.

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Write incessantly, write freely

Unnecessary overthinking not only drains you but is a waste of time as well. It is high time you actually used that pen and paper! The content is bound to improve as long as you stick in there and continue to write something, anything! It can be the most random of things, an outlet for your emotions. Don’t worry about the spelling, the grammar or the sentence construction, just write! This is a creative exercise of sorts that boosts your vocabulary and helps you set a rhythm.

Set the words to a tune

A song is basically poetry with music. The lyrics must be so that it can be easily set in rhythm. This does not necessarily mean it has to rhyme though just that it should be in a flow. Remember that the tune should complement the song and not become a hindrance. The perfect juxtaposition of these two factors is what makes your composition a success.

Set crazy deadlines for yourself!

Necessity is the mother of invention. People have this habit of procrastinating everything till the last minute because it is not really that urgent right? Wrong! Not being consistent in your work can cause you a lot of trouble.

Aim at writing incessantly and let yourself go with the flow. Set deadlines and follow them religiously. For instance, decide that you’ll write a particular number of songs in a day, a week, or a month. It is the right time for you to get down to business.

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Review your work

Obviously, you just cannot start recording the song without editing or proofreading it. A song goes through many stages before it becomes the masterpiece that you hear on the radio. Record an “unplugged” or “acoustic” version of the song. You are the best critic of your work. Listen to your composition once and polish the edges a bit before you roll it out to the public. You can also play your song for your close friends and family and get some valuable feedback.

Just do it!

Yes, songwriting is an emotionally exhausting and time taking process. But that does not mean you procrastinate or give up on it altogether! The only perfect moment for songwriting is the present. Don’t wait for the right moment take this moment and do the right thing. Break free from the shackles of convention and start composing. There is no time like the present!

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