Want to impress your better half and express your feeling articulately? What better way than writing them a love song! Listening to all those popular love songs over the years and wishing you could write something as awesome as that? A song that intense, heartfelt and pure, and so full of emotions never gets old. Don’t worry though you’ve come to the right place! Mentioned below are some easy steps that would give you the much-needed boost to find the perfect words and melody….

Get inspired

This applies not only to songwriting but to any form of creation. You need your muse, your inspiration that would guide you through the creative process. It is not necessary that you be in love when you’re writing a love song, though. You can use your past experiences, or other stories, real life experience, and people as inspiration. Also, listen to the works of established musicians for motivation. There are so many timeless classics you could refer to that are still very much in vogue among music lovers all over the world.

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Keep it personal

You cannot write a heartfelt love song until you’ve felt the emotions yourself. Words would come to you as naturally as breathing if you get the basic crux and theme correct. For composing a successful love song means that you have to get connected with your audience. And your audience can only connect to the song if the feelings and emotions are real and relatable.

Don’t think too much about the rhyme and meter, let your heart do all the talking. The golden rule is to keep it simple and real.

The actual process

Getting your heart on paper is no child’s play. Refer to the steps given below that will walk you through the entire process.

Write freely and incessantly.

Get a mental picture of your loved one or the situation and describe it to the best of your ability. Remember you can always edit it later. What you write now is raw and might seem incoherent but don’t let that deter you.

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Embrace your uniqueness

This is your song and you are supposed to compose it your way! It is okay that you go a bit out of the way and come up with something unconventional. The audience appreciates innovation. Don’t blindly follow the prevalent trends of the music industry, embrace your uniqueness and become a trendsetter instead!

Add a bit of color to the song

Now that you have the basic theme ready you only need to decorate it a bit. Use some keywords that are related to love and sprinkle your song with some metaphors and other rhetorical devices. The more poetic you are the more beautiful the composition would turn out to be. Also, ensure that the song is in a flow and that it rhymes.

Create the melody

Now this is something that varies writer to writer. While many write the lyrics first and then compose the tune, some are comfortable getting the melody first. But it is helpful if you get a vague tune in your head for it helps you decide the flow better. If you cannot figure out the right tune you can always seek some inspiration from your peers and other established musicians.

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Combine the lyrics and the melody

Now that you’ve got both the elements of the song ready all you have to do is combine them. Set the words to tune in such a way that it seems seamless and natural. Don’t stress a lot and overthink as that would only result in the song sounding forced and fake.

Record the final composition

Once you’re done with all the writing and the composing and mixing, record it and listen to your composition. You don’t need professional studios and heavy equipment for that; just a simple recorder would do. This way you can edit the song and refine it further. You are the best critic of your work.

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes

The worst thing you can do is to conform to the norms and conventions around you. Music is a way of self-expression. As an amateur, it is okay to make mistakes. They help you grow and better yourself. So pick up that pen and the guitar and start composing!

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