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Write for us, promote yourself.Win-win 🙂

Writer Writing Content on a Laptop ComputerWe’re not just looking for published novelists or award-winning journalists.  We want you. In fact, especially you.  Our readers really enjoy hearing from people like themselves, not necessarily academics or full-time writers.

If you’ve got a topic or idea that is connected with music, and that you think would be useful or helpful to someone else out there, we want to help you share it and get it seen. It doesn’t have to be an earth-shattering “eureka” moment – just something that always gets you thinking, or chatting about with your friends.

We get a LOT of requests to post blogs and articles though – so we do maintain high standards. That means our team may work with you on editing or re-working your piece until we know it’s going to connect with our readers, and also promote you as best as possible.

But once it’s up, there’s nothing more rewarding than seeing something you’ve written get shared hundreds or thousands of times across Twitter or Facebook, as people really connect with your idea, and start to follow what you’re up to.  You’ll get even better at understanding what people are looking to read about, and believe us – you’ll get noticed by the people you want: high-paying employers, maybe a future collaborator, or maybe even a newspaper.

Here’s what we are looking for…

General requirements include 100% original content, 750-1500 words, use of media and third-party sources:

  1. 100% Original Content

    All content submitted MUST be original, meaning that it hasn’t been published anywhere else before. All submitted content will go through a rigorous vetting process.

  2. 750 – 1500 words

    Self explanatiory.

  3. Abundant Use of Media

    Using screenshot, vidoes, images, GIFs, inforgraphics etc, substantially increases reader’s engagement.

  4. Abundant Use Of Third Party Sources  & Examples

    Adding high-authority third-party sources to your written material substantially increases the credibility of the opinions being offered within the content.

Merriam Music is interested in all inspiring, entertaining, educational and engaging content related to:

  1. Music (All General Topics)
  2. Pianos & Other Instruments
  3. Music Education (Advocacy, Research, How-To Topics etc)
  4. Music Recording

All content submitted must fulfill at least of of the following criteria:

  1. Inspire
  2. Educate
  3. Entertain
  4. Engage

Example of the Content We Like

IMPORTANT: Below examples showcase the correct formats and techniques and DO NOT necessarily limit or illustrate topic selection.

  1. Music Lessons Were the Best Thing Your Parents Ever Did for You, According to Science
  2. 12 Amazing Things Scientists Discovered About People Who Listen to Music
  3. Practising Music Improves The Symmetry Of Your Brain | IFLScience
  4. Science Suggests Bassists Are Far More Important Than Most People Realize
  5. Great White Sharks Like Heavy Metal Music | IFLScience
  6. Scientists Have Composed Music Especially For Cats | Popular Science
  7. Ocean Winds Play Music on Seashore Instrument : Discovery News

Submit Your Content & Ideas

If you have the expertise, the experience of simply a strong motivation to contribute by creating an outstanding article for the Merriam Music readers, please fill out the form below.