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Job Description


Customer Care

The administrative team at Merriam Music plays an integral role in helping to deliver over 120,000 music lessons per year to our valued clients around the world. We’re far from a typical music academy, and every touchpoint that we have with our students reinforces how different an experience it truly is.

The school is built upon 4 key pillars of success: a sophisticated and world-renowned curriculum; the most carefully vetted and mentored group of teachers in the industry; leading technology and equipment at every student interface; and constant connection between parent and school.

This final and critical area of focus is where our customer care and administrative team make the difference. Every day, our team handles all manner of questions, concerns, and proactive outreach to ensure that our families are fully engaged in the life of the school, and our students are experiencing the very best version of their time here at Merriam.

Not only do we strive for top-of-class satisfaction with all areas of customer satisfaction, but we’re also one of the few musical institutions to offer it at all. You’ll work with the most advanced CRM software and supporting systems to track and solve problems, interface with clients by phone, email, and in-person, and work closely with our Director of Operations to hit clear and obtainable KPI’s.

Our team consists of 4-6 long-term employees who work together to provide 7 days a week support for our student base, morning, noon, and night. Members of the team enjoy competitive base salaries + transparently tracked and awarded bonuses.

Job Responsibilities

Our customer care team is responsible for a wide range of operations within the school, and have two general areas of responsibility: administration, and reception. The administrative side of things will involve tasks such as:

  • Processing enrollments and registrations
  • Troubleshooting scheduling conflicts
  • Managing billing questions and concerns
  • Assisting the lead Customer Care member in suggestions on how to improve operations


Within the capacity as a receptionist, customer care agents will assist with:

  • Answering and directing general inquiries
  • Assist in confirming or clarifying class times, locations, and directions for parents and students
  • Assist in the selling or collecting of tickets for events
  • Answering general questions regarding our policies or practices, should and when they come up


Customer Care

We’re seeking problem-solving, empathetic, and detail-oriented administrators. Prior experience in similar roles is a significant asset and a good predictor of success for applicants. You should be fluent in today’s most popular technologies and productivity techniques, and able to use cloud-based software like Google Drive, Excel/Sheets, and a wide array of browser-based tools.

You should also be someone who is open to learning new systems with the required training and support.

We’re looking for those applicants who particularly take pride in the quality and detail of their communications, and their ability to resolve issues while meeting established targets.

Because our customer care agents have an opportunity to learn nearly every ‘back-end’ system in the company, there are several directions that a customer care agent could advance towards. A lead administrator, a location assistant manager, a customer retention specialist, or accounting assistants, are all potential growth opportunities for customer care agents who begin with us here at Merriam Music.


Merriam Music is an equal opportunity employer that has a long track record of fostering growth for its employees, sculpting job opportunities that build upon each individual’s strengths. While other businesses may claim a similar culture, few can boast that their entire first and second management levels are made up of 10+ year employees. 

Our workplace is supportive, with open-door policies with all direct managers and support for all employees when and where needed. Whether that be mentoring and coaching so that you can achieve maximum job success, or being responsive to personal needs and challenges, our employees are the strength of our business, and we treat you as such.

And finally, you’ll be heard. Ideas are welcomed and encouraged, and the best ideas are adopted regardless of who and where they come from. We all succeed when everyone is supported fairly and genuinely – and you’ll feel it from day one.


Customer Care


Please click the link to begin your application process. We ask that you attach a cover letter, and if you don’t have one, you’ll be given an opportunity to write a short introduction about yourself.  You’ll be asked about your schedule preferences, earning expectations, your past experience, your resume, and your musical areas of strength. 



Merriam Music isn’t just on a mission, we’re growing at the same time. And to propel our growth, we want to partner with talented and innovative individuals who will help us get there. You don’t need to be a musician, just someone who understands how powerful music can be.

We have openings in a wide variety of areas, including sales and product specialists, music teachers and coaches, administrators and customer care team members, or creative content producers for written, social, and video communications.




Merriam Music

We’re a company driven by mission, aided by the latest technologies at every turn, and joined in a community of music. Founded by Alan Merriam in 1988, himself a professional musician, this company is built and run by musicians and music lovers at a deepest levels.

Not everyone at Nike runs half-marathons. Not everyone at Boeing flies. But every key employee at Merriam Music has music in their blood at a deep level. The CEO is a pro-level jazz pianist and rhythm aficionado. The director of operations can teach you about subdivision, key signatures and tonality. Our IT director used to manage one of Toronto’s most famous recording studios. Our Marketing and Sales director is also a professional performer and producer. Our CFO is in a professional bell choir. Our sales team counts no less than 6 professional performers amongst them.

When your product is music, it’s a different kind of company when it’s built and run by musicians.


The Music School

The Merriam School Of Music is known throughout Canada and the United States as a leading institution for early childhood music education, advanced university & college preparation, our r&b and pop band program, and our expansive adult lesson program.

Since 2020, Merriam has applied its 33 years of success and unparalleled growth to our online offering, MMOA (Merriam Music Online Academy). Merriam is also certified by the Government of Ontario to grant full High School Credits in select programs through Merriam High School.

To deliver the enormous range of lessons and programming to our 3000+ students, the school maintains a teaching staff of over 120, with a full-time staff compliment of 50+.




Merriam Music


The Piano Stores

Merriam Pianos, started by Alan Merriam concomitantly with the school, has grown from a small retail shop in Mississauga to become one of the largest in the world. We currently operate three marquee showrooms in the Greater Toronto Area (Oakville, Vaughan, Toronto), having recently purchased Robert Lowrey Piano Experts and a major online dealer of pianos as well.


I'm continually surrounded by people who speak the language of music, and get excited about its impact on people's lives. For those out there looking for a balance of challenge, reward, and musical connection....or to those who simply don't believe it exists...I'd suggest you check us out and start a conversation. You never know where it might lead.
Stu Harrison
Merriam Pianos
If you're looking for vibrant company culture, you will find it here. If you're looking for a meaningful job that makes the world a better place, you will find it here. If you're looking for somewhere to set down roots and change and grow as a person, for lifelong friendships and a place of inspiration to call will find it here. I know I have.
Rumiko Sokolowski
Piano Teacher
Whether it's getting up on stage to perform, helping a student reach a new level or milestone on their journey, or having the privilege to bring a world-class musical instrument into someone's home and life, there isn't much else that can give you that level of euphoria and purpose. If you're looking for a career that you can seriously be proud of, check out Merriam Music
Patrick Panus
Piano & Education Specialist
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