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Guitar Lessons

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Singing Lessons

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Group/Ensemble Instruction


For those just starting their journey in music.

  • Pre-School Program (2-3 Years Old)

    Introducing music and music concepts to young children in an accessible, fun and social environment.

  • Keyfest For Kids (4-10 Years Old)

    This is our primary, core program which we strongly encourage all new young students to consider when beginning music lessons.

  • Group Vocal Lessons (Vaughan Only)

    This is a group format for singers of all levels and ages – a first of it’s kind in Toronto.  Directed by renowned tenor Charles Di Raimondo

  • Group Guitar Lessons (8+)*

    This is a group format which a highly structured, giving lots of opportunity for friendly performance, group learning, parental participation, and social development.

Intermediate – Advanced

For those who are looking to take their musicianship to the next level.

  • Jazz All-Stars*

    This is one of our latest group program editions, the enriched jazz ensemble.

  • Band Chops Lite (All Ages)

    Band Chops Lite is a way to experience some of the best parts of our full Band Chops Pro program, without a weekly commitment, or a full price-tag.

  • Musical Theatre (All Ages)*

    This is a highly engaging, group learning music education program which promotes performance, vocal skill, the basics of acting, as well as an introduction to the world of music theatre.

Enriched/Enhancement Programs

  • Enriched Piano Program (Classical)

    Merriam Music’s premium program for young aspiring artists with an emphasis on classical music. Audition Required .

  • Enriched Piano Program (Jazz)

    Merriam Music’s premium program for young aspiring artists with an emphasis on jazz music. Audition Required .

  • Keyfest Labs

    The Keyfest Labs Program is an elective ensemble program for young learners.  It is fully integrated with both our Private Lesson program and Keyfest Group Lesson program, and gives students a way to play in a group on a regular basis.

  • Band Chops Pro

    The Band Chops Pro stream is intense, immersive music education at its best.

  • Singer Songwriter Plus

    Similar to Band Chops +, Songwriter + is intended to augment people already involved with other private lessons.

  • Theory/Harmony/History Tutoring

    A comprehensive 1:1 tutoring session focusing on Theory/Harmony/History Tutoring for exam and university preparation.