Perzina GP112 (with “Slow-fall” Key Cover)
Perzina GP-122(with “Slow-fall” Key Cover)
Steinberg RH-119(with “Slow-fall” Key Cover)

Please Read Carefully

It has recently come to our attention that the Perzina Pianos models 112, 122 and Steinberg RH119, in certain configurations and model variants, may present a serious safety issue which must be addressed immediately. To date, there have been no reported injuries because of the problem, however there is a potential for personal injury and/or damage to your instrument, and consequently we are engaging in a voluntary recall/repair of the piano to ensure our customers’ safety while we notify the manufacturer of the issue.

The Safety Issue

In certain tests, it is possible for the front board (the flat piece of wood which covers the strings and hammers) to become dislodged and fall towards the front of the piano (and consequently anyone playing the piano at the time). This may occur when the key cover is closing from full height and engaging the hydraulic brake that slows it down.

Because of the weight of the front board, if it dislodges with force, it presents a risk of injury if someone were to be in the area of the piano.

Perzina GP122

48″ Black or Mahogany Polish With Slow-Fall Mechanism

Perzina GP122 D-Line

48″ Bubinga Two-tone w/
Slow Fall Mechanism

Perzina GP112

46″ Black or Mahogany Polish w/ Slow Fall Mechanism

Steinberg RH119

47″ Black or Mahogany Polish w/ Slowfall Mechanism


We are reaching out to everyone who has purchased these units from Merriam Music to ensure that every instrument receives the repair and is no longer a safety issue.

We are working closely with the manufacturer to schedule the installation of a small kit which resolves the issue and completely eliminates the safety issue. If you have questions about this repair/recall, you can contact the service manager Alexandra Brennan (, or the Director of Sales, Stu Harrison (


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