How To Make Your Guitar Sound Just Like The Pros

Guitar Set Up

The right sound for any instrument can take a piece of music to the next level. Having the right tone can make all the difference when writing, or performing! It can be just as inspiring as having the right instrument. Being an electric guitar player, we have access to so many tonal options, from guitars, […]

Why You Should You Buy The Best Cables Possible.

Patch Chord

They may seem like a fairly insignificant part of your setup, a necessary but boring expense for your rig. You may think that all cables are the same, so why should you spend more money on the expensive black cable as opposed to the cheap…also black cable? One end goes into my guitar, the other […]

What Everyone Ought To Know About Buying Your First Guitar

So you have decided to learn to play the guitar! Now it is time to choose your instrument, your axe, your baby, your first guitar. You have seen your favourite guitarists playing different makes and models and shapes of guitars, but how do you decide what is the right one for you? Getting your hands […]

Best Guitar Gear Setups for 3 Types of Rock Music


Over the last few years of being a recording engineer, I have had the pleasure and opportunity to record many bands and artists, spanning across a wide variety of musical genres. The style of music that I predominately work with is “Rock” music. The word “Rock” is an umbrella term that people use to cover […]