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Hi everybody, I’m Stu Harrison. Today, we’re diving into the best digital pianos that money can buy. These instruments feature the finest tone generators, effects engines, and the most detailed and immersive speaker systems on the market.

Key Takeaways

The best digital pianos strive to replicate the emotional and physical connection of playing an acoustic piano by incorporating advanced tone generators, effects engines, and immersive speaker systems.


  • The emotional and physical connection in playing acoustic pianos is something digital pianos aim to replicate.
  • Kawai Novus series offers models like Novus 5A and 10A with advanced technology and precise sound staging.
  • Yamaha NX series focuses on dynamic sound, accurate piano action, and modern design.
  • Roland’s GP and LX lineup features advanced sound and action with elegant and functional design.
  • Casio’s GP510 Hybrid Grand and AP750 models offer premium playing experience and impressive features.
  • Casio has made significant advancements in their digital pianos, although they may not be on par with top-tier models from Kawai, Roland, or Yamaha.

Table of Contents

Acoustic vs. Digital

As an acoustic piano player, I still hold a special place in my heart for a beautifully crafted acoustic piano. The subtlety, connection, and immersiveness of that experience isn’t just emotional; it’s physical.

The Emotional and Physical Connection

Playing an acoustic piano involves a deep, emotional connection that digital pianos strive to replicate. The tactile feedback and resonance of wooden keys create a unique bond between player and instrument.

The Best Digital Pianos Aim to Replicate This

Leading digital piano brands have made significant strides in mimicking the acoustic experience. Modern digital pianos are equipped with advanced tone generators and speaker systems to offer a realistic playing experience.

Kawai Novus Series and CA 901

The Novus series showcases Kawai’s dedication to authenticity and detail. These models are designed to offer a near-identical experience to playing an acoustic piano.

Novus 5A and 10A

The Novus 5A features a true upright piano action, complete with a damper mechanism. The Novus 10A takes it a step further with a full grand piano action.

  • True upright piano action
  • Grand piano action
  • Latest harmonic imaging engine
  • Groundbreaking multi-channel rendering output

Sound Staging and Immersiveness

Both models utilize Kawai’s latest harmonic imaging engine and groundbreaking multi-channel rendering output. The sound staging is precise and immersive, closely simulating the experience of playing a real acoustic piano.

CA 901: The Flagship Model

The CA 901 Hybrid Digital Piano is a flagship model that embodies Kawai’s commitment to quality. It features a brand new SKEX Competition Grand sample set and upgraded audio processing technology.

To explore more about this model, check out the Kawai CA901 Premium Hybrid Digital Piano.

Ideal for Experienced Players

These pianos are ideal for experienced acoustic players looking for convenience without sacrificing the playing experience. The detailed craftsmanship and advanced technology make them stand out.

  • Experienced player-friendly
  • Convenience without compromise
  • Advanced craftsmanship

For more Kawai digital pianos, explore our collection.

Yamaha NX Series

Yamaha’s NX series is a standout in the digital piano market, offering a unique musical experience that sets it apart.

Immersive and Dynamic Sound

The NX series focuses on delivering an immersive and dynamic sound. The detailed audio output ensures a rich playing experience.

Physically Accurate Piano Action

Yamaha’s NX series features a physically accurate piano action. This ensures that players feel a true connection with the instrument.

Avant-Garde Styling

Yamaha’s AvantGrand styling is modern and avant-garde. This design approach contrasts with Kawai’s more traditional aesthetics.

  • Dynamic sound
  • Accurate piano action
  • Modern design
  • Unique musical experience

The NX series is perfect for those seeking a unique and engaging digital piano. Its combination of sound quality, action, and design makes it a top contender in the market.

Roland’s New GP and LX Lineup

Roland has introduced exciting new models in their GP and LX lineups, blending advanced technology with elegant design.

GP9 and LX9 Models

Roland’s GP9 and LX9 models share advanced features, offering a uniform playing experience across different cabinetry styles.

  • Same tone generation
  • Shared speaker technology
  • Consistent action
  • Unified headphone tech

Advanced Sound and Action

The mid-range subtleties and layered details in the sound create an immersive experience. The key algorithm detection reduces delay, enhancing the instrument’s responsiveness.

Elegant and Functional Design

Despite the different cases, both the GP and LX lines offer elegant designs. The GP models feature a grand piano aesthetic, while the LX models are styled as uprights.

  • Grand and upright cases
  • Elegant designs
  • Functional and stylish

For those interested in Roland’s innovative digital pianos, be sure to browse their collection and find the perfect match for your needs.

Roland’s new models are an excellent choice for anyone seeking the best digital pianos available. Their combination of advanced technology and elegant design ensures a satisfying playing experience.

Casio’s Impressive Offerings

Casio has made significant strides in recent years, elevating their digital pianos to be taken seriously by musicians.

GP510 Hybrid Grand

The GP510 Hybrid Grand delivers a premium playing experience at a more accessible price point.

  • Premium experience
  • Accessible price point
  • Impressive action
  • Upper mid-range speaker presentation

For my money, it delivers 80 to 90 percent of the physical playing experience that you might get out of a higher-end model.

Explore more about the GP510 Hybrid Grand.


The AP750 is another standout model, featuring an eight-speaker system and three exquisitely recorded acoustic pianos.

  • Eight-speaker system
  • Three recorded acoustic pianos
  • Extraordinary value
  • Detailed upper mid-range sound

The AP750 offers extraordinary value, with a level of upper mid detail that stands out in its price range.

Check out the Casio AP-750 for more details.

Why Casio Deserves Attention

Casio’s recent advancements make them a serious contender in the digital piano market.

While they may not compete with the very top-tier models from Kawai, Roland, or Yamaha, their offerings are impressive and worth considering.

  • Serious contender
  • Impressive advancements
  • Worth considering

For more Casio digital pianos, explore our collection.


Thank you for joining us as we reviewed the very best digital pianos money can buy.

These instruments are a testament to the incredible advancements in digital piano technology, offering a range of options to suit various needs and budgets.

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We’ve gathered some of the most frequently asked questions to help you make an informed decision about the best digital pianos.

What is the difference between an acoustic and digital piano?

An acoustic piano uses hammers and strings to produce sound, while a digital piano uses electronic sound generation.

Can digital pianos truly replicate the feel of an acoustic piano?

Yes, modern digital pianos like the Kawai Novus and Yamaha NX series offer realistic key actions and sound quality.

Are digital pianos good for beginners?

Absolutely. Digital pianos often come with features like built-in metronomes, recording capabilities, and headphone jacks, making them ideal for learners.

Do digital pianos require maintenance?

Digital pianos require minimal maintenance compared to acoustic pianos, which need regular tuning and servicing.

How do I choose the best digital piano for my needs?

Consider factors like your skill level, budget, and the features you prioritize. Our reviews on the best digital pianos can guide you.