S H A N A Y A     P A T E L

Shanaya Patel has always wanted to sing. And she consistently charms and wows audiences whenever she steps in front of a microphone. But she didn’t always feel comfortable on stage, didn’t always know how to control her breath, how to properly phrase, sing in tune, or even how to memorize lyrics. In other words, she didn’t start out any further ahead than most people do.

But Shanaya has had one huge advantage over most musicians her age. She has benefited from learning in a musical environment that afforded her literally every type of musical experience she could think of, and promoted the sharing and performing of music on a very regular and varied basis. From music festivals, concerts, and recording sessions, to master classes, writing sessions, band coaching, and private coaching, Shania has had it all, and had a lot of it. And it’s all happened at the Merriam School of Music, one of North America’s most innovative and successful community music schools.

For young vocalists like Shania, there is a plethora of options to immediately begin exploring their singing ‘chops’. Here’s just a sample of the options and programs that Merriam offers singers:

  • Private vocal coaching with three
    different levels of teacher
  • Singer / Songwriter course,
    complete with recording and performances
  • Band Chops Plus
  • All-star band
  • Musical Theatre Program
  • Monthly Jam Night Program
  • Sign-up recitals (monthly)
  • Annual Vocal Music Festival
  • Merriam’s Summer Jamfest
  • Jamfest at Canada’s Largest Ribfest
  • Oakville Jazz Festival
  • Band Chops Pro
By experiencing the best of coaching, the widest variety of options for performing, recording, and sharing music, and integrating it all with todays best and most advanced music technology, Merriam Music gives young musicians – singers and instrumentalists alike – the chance to learn music like it was intended… as a language. Full immersion, with opportunities to write, read, speak, perform, and improvise the universal language of music.

So what are you waiting for? Stop watching Shania and wondering why you never did anything like that. Come pay us a visit, and start DOING IT yourself. Today!

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