Choosing the best music recording studio for your project can be a daunting task. It could also be really expensive if you get things wrong. There are quite a few options for you to choose from and selecting the right one can be somewhat bewildering if you do not know what to look for. Given below are a few tips which you should remember so that you ask all the correct questions and choose the studio that is best for you:

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This is the first and the most important variable which you will need to look into. The style and the experience of an engineer are going to go a long way as far as the cost of recording at the studio and the end result is concerned. Every engineer will have a personality of his/her own and a unique way of working. It is important that you find an engineer who you can associate with and find it easy to work with.

A marvelous engineer is not someone who just knows how all of the equipment works and is able to produce fabulous sound. He is someone who you will need to feel comfortable around. He should be someone who understands the type of sound you are looking for. The sound that is most suitable for your project. You should speak with the engineer directly and discuss your project with them before choosing a studio. If you do not like the way they think, move on.

You do not poor quality sound like what Jay-Z puts out for instance.


You are going to be working very hard on your project. It is going to get stressful at times. It is also going to be creative at times.

You should always choose studios which have lots of space, where you feel relaxed. There should be enough space for all your band members so that they are not breathing down each other’s neck. There should be enough space for everyone to think individually and work as a group. The actual size of space may even impact the sound based on how you are being recorded. It is recommended that you hear a few other recordings made at the studio to grasp an idea of how flexible they are with the sound.

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Even though a terrific engineer will produce terrific results with almost any equipment, there are some things for which you will require outstanding equipment. A couple of things for which this holds true are pre-amps and microphones. Most studios list out all their equipment on their websites. You should take a look at what they are using and then do a little research on the equipment they have listed to find out how good or bad they are. If the studio uses a computer, do not forget to find out about the sequencer.

If you want to take files back home to work on, then it is going to be much easier if the studio is using the same software you are. This will enable you to take the session file instead of having to take individual audio tracks and then piece them together.

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Even though this is being mentioned towards the end, it is not something that should be overlooked. How much are you able to afford? If you can source a little extra cash in order to secure a tremendous recording, you should walk through that door. The project is going to be your showcase after all. Generally speaking, the more you are willing to pay, the better the final recording is going to be. Do not compromise on quality just because you are too proud to ask your parents for a small loan.


And finally, be realistic regarding how much you want to achieve during the time you are booking. Setting unrealistic goals with the time you have is a recipe for disaster. Do not think you are going to be able to record, mix, and burn three songs in one work day. If you do, it is going to be sub-standard at best. Speak with the engineer in advance and determine what goals would be considered reasonable by the time you are booking. It is always better to have two perfectly recorded tracks than having five poorly recorded ones.

That is the truth!

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So now that you know the right things to look for in a recording studio, how do you go about it? Simply call the studio you have in mind and visit them for a tour. Ask them for a few references from others who have recorded in their facility. Check out their social media page for links to tracks that have been recorded there. Then call a few other studios and do the same thing. Make a list of how the studios rank against each other in the categories mentioned above. This research should be more than enough to help you make the right decision.
Or you can just go to the nearest studio and as long as they sound decent you can just go with them and save some time and gas money.

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