🎹Yamaha Piaggero NP-32 Portable Digital PIano - 76 Key Piano-Style Keyboard🎹

As we’ve done a handful of times in the past, in this review we’ll be taking a look at something other than an 88-note weighted digital piano as we examine the Yamaha NP32 76-note keyboard.

Yamaha doesn’t even refer to the NP32 as a digital piano in their marketing literature either, but rather as a portable keyboard due to its compact size, and there’s actually a fairly strong market for these types of keyboards – lightweight, portable, battery operated power supply and budget friendly with a practical design. The Piaggero NP series keyboards have been a successful and popular line for Yamaha.

Let’s open up the box and get into it.

Unboxing / Opening Thoughts

Upon opening the box we were happy to see a power adaptor and a music stand. These two things aren’t always included in the box for free with keyboards so it was nice to see them here.

The quality of the case is actually a lot higher than we were expecting considering the space-saving size and price, and there’s also a sustain pedal which is great. We’re also seeing a MIDI input which is great since that means this thing could function as a fairly inexpensive MIDI controller.

Now that we’ve unboxed the Yamaha NP32 and had a look, let’s get it plugged in to see how it sounds.

Piano Sound

Yamaha NP32
Yamaha NP32

AWM Stereo Sampling

There are 10 total sounds built-in here courtesy of Yamaha’s AWM stereo sampling engine, and we’re actually quite impressed with the high-quality voices, which we were from the first note.

The default acoustic piano sound is a sample of one of Yamaha’s Concert grand pianos, and it actually boasts a pretty rich tone (Yamaha makes some of the finest grand pianos). The second piano tone is more mellow, though there are some adjustable reverb settings.

Other Sounds

From there, the NP-32 features some classic electric piano sounds referred to as E.Piano 1 and E.Piano 2, and we’ve also got strings and vibes.
For the price, these are definitely some great-sounding voices, so if that’s your main area of focus, the NP-32 should be a top choice for the class.

Polyphony & Speakers

The polyphony is also totally acceptable at 64 notes, and the speakers are very good for the price at 12 watts generating pure tone.

Piano Action

Yamaha Piano Action
Yamaha Piano Action

Graded Soft Touch Keyboard with 76 Keys

Yamaha refers to the action here as the Graded Soft Touch Keyboard, and also as being a Piano Style Keyboard. There are 76 keys in total, and in general, it’s similar to the action you’d get on a synthesizer.

What matters to the consumer however is the fact that this is an unweighted, spring-loaded action. There is some degree of touch sensitivity, but it’s definitely not a particularly sensitive action.

For a portable, battery-powered Piaggero instrument, this action gets the job done. And even an experienced musician who needs something super light for occasional practice or working on original compositions could totally get by with this action.

Are 88 Keys Essential?

On the other hand, if you’re looking for a serious practice instrument, you’re not going to want to settle for anything less than 88 weighted keys with touch sensitivity – this is simply the case if developing piano technique is the goal.

If action is a bit of an afterthought and you like everything else about the NP-32, by all means, add it to your wish list. If a realistic action is important, you’ll want to focus on a different musical instrument.

Piano Features

Yamaha NP32 Features
Yamaha NP32 Features


The NP32 has a number of useful features and essential elements. The record button delivers an easy one-touch recording of your practice sessions, and a trusty metronome, along with transpose, is covered as well.

Battery Power

The battery life isn’t spectacular, but it’s certainly not bad either, and there are also a number of demo songs and preset songs built in.

Finish Options & Accessories

The NP-32 is available in both Black or White finishes, and Yamaha includes a music rest in the box. A keyboard stand and bench are optional add-ons.


Yamaha NP32 Connectivity
Yamaha NP32 Connectivity

Connectivity is solid as well with a headphone port, sustain pedal port (with half-pedal support if you upgrade to the FC3A pedal) and a USB to Host terminal, meaning you can access a range of apps for your iPad or other iOS devices including Yamaha’s Digital Piano Controller and Notestar apps.

There’s no built-in Bluetooth connectivity, but the optional UD-BT01 adaptor from Yamaha can be added for easy operation of Bluetooth functionality.

Closing Thoughts

When all is said and done, the Yamaha NP32 is sure to leave many consumers with a lasting impression, as evidenced by the plethora of positive customer reviews from all over the United States and Canada.

Is it a perfect instrument? No, but for a relatively affordable keyboard that’s highly portable and boasts a really good piano tone, the NP32 is a very solid option and competes well against alternatives from Roland and Casio.

As long as weighted keys aren’t essential and this is the general budget you’re working with, the NP32 is another solid entry from Yamaha.