Pertinent Questions You Need To Ask Before Purchasing Your Own Piano

Pitcher And Piano

Purchasing a piano is no doubt a milestone in a musician’s career and no amount of caution you exercise is enough to prepare you for taking this major step in investing in the instrument that will become an extension of your inner creative self. Here’s some crucial information that will help you make the perfect […]

President’s Message – November 2016

A message from Alan Merriam Congratulations to all of our new students for making it through the first two months of the school year.  I hope everyone has had a chance to familiarize themselves with opportunities like Jam Nights, Keyfest Labs, Sign-up Recitals, and also to meet your Education Counsellor.  If not, please look for […]

Alan’s Message – September 2015

A warm welcome back to our staff & students! It’s hard to believe that another summer is behind us and it’s once again time for back to school. After a whirlwind year of record breaking piano sales, exponential school growth, enhanced bands/ensembles and Enriched programs, video logs and expanded performance opportunities, it’s time to now […]