Why Merriam School of Music?


Watch this discussion with selected members of the Merriam School of Music’s teaching staff, about using musical experience to make a difference in people’s’ lives.  Discussions with Mike Siracusa (drummer / teacher), Len Feldman (pianist, theory, teacher), Mary Ficzere (Director of Enriched Piano Studies), Linda Morgan (clinician, teacher, pianist), Brian DeLima (jazz pianist, teacher) and more.  

Many of Merriam School of Music’s teachers have been with the school for 10 or more years, and this video compiles a series of interviews with a few of the senior members of the music school.


Merriam School of Music has gained a reputation within the musical academic community for developing and implementing high-level curriculum and teaching methods.The positive effects on our students has been clearly tracked and proven.  And over the last 10 years, piano students from Merriam’s Enriched and Group Piano programs have shown superior progress and retention of skill when compared with other community music programs.  

Watch as we interview four university music pedagogists about their impressions and experiences with the Merriam School of Music, and what they see as the differences between us and other professional music schools.


We interview our own music teachers as they discusses what fuels their passion for sharing the world of music with their students.  Whether it be watching student’s progress throughout their musical life, or hearing about how their musical experience has benefited them in other areas of life, or seeing students become teachers themselves, the passion that our teachers show towards their musical craft is one of the most important elements of the Merriam School of Music’s success.


Intermediate – Advanced

01. Experience

Being a great educator is a rare talent.  Being a great performer is equally hard to find.  Finding both in the same person is magical.  The experience of regularly performing, and having the years of teaching exposure, helps our teachers to deliver true musical wisdom to our students.

02. Education

Our search for teachers starts at the finest musical establishments in Canada.  We directly recruit out of WLU, UWO, U of T, York, Humber, Queens, and McMaster.  We’re the ONLY private music school in Canada permitted to do so, and getting teachers who have the right foundations is critical.

03. Certification

At the Merriam School of Music, the process of learning and training for teachers doesn’t stop. We regularly re-train our teachers in the latest educational best-practices, as well as constantly revise and update curriculum and lesson planning techniques. A Merriam-certified teacher is one of the most engaged and highly qualified in the industry.

Dr. Glen Carruthers
Dean of Music
Wilfrid Laurier University

“What I see here at Merriam is an uniquely expansive view of music making.”

John Paul Bracey
Leading Music Educator, Professor
Western University

“Your enriched program…accomplishes all the best that we [as music educators] can hope for in musicians.”

Denny Christianson, Director, Humber Music

Denny Christianson
Humber Music

“We’ve seen many Merriam students come to Humber and already be able to function at a much higher level.”

Brian Chung
Author on Music Education, Senior VP
Kawai Musical Instruments

“You’ve had a tremendous impact, across North America, on the world of music making.”

Enriched/Enhancement Programs

All Merriam School of Music Programs

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