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Company Website: Hailun-Pianos.com 
Owner: Vienna International, Inc. dba
Hailun USA 

Country of Origin: Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China 
Year Established: 1986
Related Brands: Feurich, Essex, Feurich, Weber, Kayserburg, Wm. Knabe (Academy), Ritumuller, Yamaha GB

Warranty: 15 years of parts and labour applicable to the original purchaser and second owner during the warranty period.

Hailun Pianos


Hailun’s story begins in the 1980s when Hailun Chen and his wife both graduated from a piano technology program and founded a piano parts supply company, originally co-owned with the Chinese government. While the company initially focused on producing piano parts for other manufacturers, Hailun Chen eventually established full ownership of the company and by the 1990s, Hailun was assembling entire pianos. After creating partnerships with experienced European piano makers, in the early 2000s Hailun built a large production facility and began producing entire pianos under the Hailun name.

Despite being a relative newcomer to piano manufacturing, today Hailun is generally regarded as some of the best pianos coming out of China. While their focus is on multiple lines of upright and grand pianos, Hailun still supplies parts for various other piano manufacturers, most notably strung-backs for several European manufacturers.

Hailun currently manufactures 5 types of upright pianos; the 45.5” HU116, the 48” HU121, the upgraded 48” HU1, the 50” HU5, and the 52” HU7. Hailun grand pianos come in 5 sizes; the 4’10” HG150, the 5’ HG151, the 5’4” HG161, the 5’10” HG178, the 6’5” HG198, and the 7’2” HG218.

Hailun uses different materials for different pianos in their line-up, with the general idea being as the pianos get larger, the materials get better, though the grands all have laminated maple rims. Soundboards in both the uprights and grands are spruce, and the bridges are maple. The actions are either Maple or Hornbeam in both the grands and uprights depending on the model, and hammers are either maple or mahogany.

An interesting innovation has been Hailun’s introduction of a slow-close lid, which allows the piano lid to be opened and closed much more easily.


CL11846.5″Polished Ebony$6,300
CL11846.5″Polished Ebony w/Nickel$6,500
CL11846.5″Polished Walnut/Mahogany$6,500
CL121/12348″Polished Ebony$7,390
CL121/12348″Polished Ebony w/Nickel$7,590
CL121/12348″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$7,590
CL121/12348″Polished Mahogany/Walnut w/Detail Trim$7,590
HU11645.5″Institutional Polished Ebony$10,308
HU12148″Polished Ebony$7,950
HU12148″Polished Mahogany$8,250
HU1-EP48″Polished Ebony w/mahogany leg, fallboard, cheekblocks$12,038
HU1-P48″Polished Ebony$11,135
HU1-P48″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$11,998
HU1-PS48″Polished Ebony with Nickel Trim$11,604
HU5-P50″Polished Ebony$12,466
HU5-P50″Polished Ebony with Nickel Trim$12,826
HU5-P50″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$12,826
HU7-P52″Polished Ebony w/Sostenuto$17,001
CL 1504’11”Polished Ebony$12,300
CL 1504’11”Polished Mahogany/Walnut$12,500
HG1504’10”Polished Ebony$16,485
HG1504’10”Polished Mahogany$17,085
HG1514’11.5″Polished Ebony$20,747
HG1514’11.5″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$24,233
HG151C4’11.5″Chippendale Polished Mahogany/Walnut$24,951
HG1615’4″Polished Ebony$25,006
HG1615’4″Polished Mahogany/Walnut$27,182
HG161G5’4″Georgian Polished Mahogany/Walnut$30,151
HG1785’10”Polished Ebony$30,024
HG1785’10”Polished Mahogany/Walnut$31,338
HG178B5’10”Baroque Polished Ebony w/Birds-Eye Maple Accents$33,605
HG1986’5″Emerson Polished Ebony$46,689
HG1986’5″Emerson Polished Mahogany/Walnut$49,112
HG2187’2″Paulello Polished Ebony$65,210

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