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Owner: Petrof, spol. s.r.o.
Country of Origin: Hradec Králové, Czech Kingdom
Year Established: 1864
Related Brands: Heintzman, Schimmel Classic, Mason & Hamlin, Estonia, Bechstein Academy

Warranty: 10 year parts and labour, applicable to the original purchaser only

Petrof Pianos


After apprenticing in Germany with various esteemed piano builders, Czech native Antonin Petrof would build his first grand piano and form his own company in 1864, in Hradec Kralove Czech Republic. Production would gradually expand, and after building a larger factory, Petrof built their first upright piano in 1883. Petrof would continue to expand and find prosperity under the lead of family members from each successive generation, with the Petrof family maintaining control until 1947, at which time every Czech business was nationalized by the state. The Petrof family would be brought back into the fold in 1991 when 4th generation family member Jan Petrof began managing the company. Today, Petrof is run by 5th generation family member Zuzana Ceralova Petrofova.

Today, Petrof manufactures roughly one grand piano for every 5 upright pianos, for a total of about 6,000 pianos per year. Both uprights and grands are offered in a single line of quality and receive extensive handwork. Uprights bearing the Petrof name are available in 6 sizes, from the 46” P118, to the 53” P135. Grands are also available in 6 sizes, from the 5’2” P152, to the 9’2” concert grand P282.

Petrof’s entire grand lineup was recently re-designed, with new scale designs and some interesting new technology, chiefly Petrof’s proprietary Magnetic Accelerated Action (available by special order); a new action design that replaces lead counterweights with magnets. Petrof contends that the use of magnets greatly improves the actions dynamic response.

Components in Petrof pianos are mostly sourced from the Czech Republic. Soundboards are made from Czech solid spruce and are tapered, and hammers are sourced from Renner and Abel. Rims in the grand pianos are made from laminated layers of birch and beech, and Petrof’s standard actions are from Renner.

One of Europe’s most famous and prolific piano manufacturers, Petrof pianos are a fine example of a high-quality European piano and represent a lower-cost alternative to the best pianos of Germany and Italy.

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P 118 C146.3″Chippendale Polished Ebony$28,258
P 118 D146.3″Demi-Chippendale Polished Ebony$27,530
P 118 G246.3″Polished Ebony$26,794
P 118 M146.3″Polished Ebony$25,504
P 118 P146.3″Polished Ebony$24,980
P 118 R146.3″Rococo Satin White w/Gold Trim$29,930
P 118 S146.3″Continental Polished Ebony/White$21,968
P 122 N147.8″Polished Ebony$26,100
P 125 F149.3″Polished Ebony$26,990
P 125 G149.3″Polished Ebony$28,490
P 125 M149.3″Polished Ebony$28,090
P 127 NEXT49.5″Satin Ebony with Chrome Legs$39,540
P 127 NEXT49.5″Satin Wood Tones with Chrome Legs$43,790
P 131 M151″Polished Ebony$38,570
P 135 K153″Polished Ebony$45,980
P 1595’2″Bora Polished Ebony$75,910
P 1595’2″Bora Demi-Chippendale Polished Ebony$81,990
P 1735’6″Breeze Polished Ebony$79,990
P 1735’6″Breeze Chippendale Polished Ebony$90,958
P 1735’6″Breeze Demi-Chippendale Polished Ebony$88,700
P 1735’6″Breeze Klasik Polished Ebony$89,240
P 1735’6″Breeze Rococo Satin White w/Gold Trim$94,190
P 1946’3″Storm Polished Ebony$83,964
P 1946’3″Storm Styl Polished Ebony$96,060
P 2106’10”Pasat Polished Ebony$119,990
P 2377’9″Monsoon Polished Ebony$157,390
P 2849’2″Mistral Polished Ebony$217,084


1900 – 191013000 – 24000
1911 – 192024001 – 33400
1921 – 193033401 – 46500
1931 – 194046501 – 58000
1941 – 195058001 – 67280
1951 – 196067281 – 87200
1961 – 197087201 – 146900
1971 – 1980146901 – 330000
1981 – 1990330001 – 504500
1991 – 1995504501 – 529900
2000 – 2008568320 – 617610
2008 – Present617610+

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