Do make sure that you devote an adequate amount of time and attention while selecting the first guitar for your child. Starting out on the proper track is really important for getting the basics right. You must have heard of a number of people giving up guitar out of sheer frustration, just because they ended up purchasing the wrong equipment!

Sounds pathetic, but the truth is that the comfortable handling of musical instruments happens to be one of the most crucial factors, especially for beginners.

What’s all the Fuss About?

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Selecting the right size, for instance, for kids is an absolute necessity so that they can handle the instrument at ease, without putting any additional strain on their tender muscles. Ending up with the wrong size can dampen their enthusiasm and lead to a reluctant attitude towards their guitar lessons. The below mentioned points should help you in figuring out the differences between guitar types, and also enlighten you about the right tools.

1. Deciding on the Type of Guitar

The type of guitar you choose to purchase for your kid, will solely depend on the style of music being learnt or played. If you are not too sure regarding the type of guitar which might be suitable for that particular style, you can always consult the staff at the stores. The steel spring Spanish acoustic guitar is one of the most popular picks for beginners.

  • From three quarter to jumbo, these are available in several different sizes.
    However, a nylon string acoustic should always be preferred to a steel string one, because the former would be a lot gentler on your child’s fingers. The steel strings can give them a very tough time by causing soreness and pain.
    On the other hand, electric guitars are easier to operate due to the thinner strings. The volume is pretty low and an amplifier might be required during musical performances.
  • You need not worry about those delicate fingers being hurt, but the development of finger strength would be negligible when compared to the players of acoustic guitar.
  • Individuals starting out on electric guitars might find it very difficult to play heavy metal and riffs on acoustic guitars. It is a lot easier to start with acoustic and then move on to electric guitars.

2. Connection between Brand-Names and Pocket Pinch

Modern music stores offer you with a wide range of equipment belonging to several renowned brands. At times it is quite difficult to make a choice, since there are various kinds of attractive packages for beginners! Prior to your purchase, do keep a definite budget in mind for narrowing down your list of options.

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The quality might be directly proportional to the price tag, but brand names play a crucial role in this regard. Pay attention to the basic features and choose an affordable one. As your child becomes an advanced learner, you can think of investing in a higher priced and premium guitar.

3. Aspects to Concentrate on While Buying

There are so many different varieties of guitars with diverse features and settings that you might feel completely bewildered, while trying to locate the ideal one for your kid. Just keep in mind that your child is a beginner, so a basic guitar would suffice. Something which is too fancy or complex might be difficult for your child to grasp. Sticking to the very basics would be your safest bet. Let your child accompany you to the music store so that you can be absolutely sure about the size as well as his/her comfort index.

4. Picking Up the Right Accessories

A guitar must be accompanied by a list of essential accessories for a perfect playing experience, such as:

  • Extra strings for replacement in case the strings get damaged or worn out.
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  • A tuner for helping in accurately tuning each string according to the pitch.
  •  A hard shell or sturdy bag and a guitar stand for protecting the instrument when not in use.
  • Handfuls of picks for strumming the strings.
  • A strap for holding the guitar securely to your body.
  • A cleaning spray for removing dirt from the strings.

Apart from these basic accessories, the users of electric guitar would require an amplifier along with cables and a pair of headphones.

5. Tools for Simplifying Your Guitar Lesson

Enrolling your child into music lessons would ensure that everything is taken care of by professional tutors. Additionally, a number of books, DVDs and other such useful resources can further enhance learning. There are several books which provide step-by-step guidance clarifying the fundamentals of a guitar. There are awesome flash cards for learning chords and DVDs for thoroughly observing the techniques of other players.

6. Listen to Your Inner Voice

Relying on your knowledge and instincts rather than blindly following the salesman’s suggestions often helps! If you are convinced by the look and features of a particular guitar, then simply go for it. Read the guarantee policies carefully before payment. If any issues arise later, the store would handle the repairs as per the policy stipulations.

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