Anyone who is familiar with the band Rush will probably be aware of Neil Peart’s gargantuan drum set. He sits behind a circular wall of drums, cymbals, and other various percussion instruments. The majority of the footage recently released on their R40 Box set, is of just the top of Neil Peart’s head behind his mountain of drums.

Neil Peart’s drum set has been criticized by many. You certainly don’t NEED all of those drums. Some of the best drummers in the world make their name on a kick, snare, hi-hat and ride. At the same time, this is Neil Peart. He can pretty much just do what he wants.

Apparently each drum does actually have a purpose (although sometimes it is hard to imagine that every piece of percussion gets played every set). Here Neil Peart goes through a tour of his drum set to explain what is going on in that jungle of drums, and why he has so many!

One thing is for sure… I would not want to be his roadie!!!



Neil Peart 30th Anniversary DW Drums (the set up)


Tour of Thomas Lang’s DW drum set January 2014