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If you haven’t seen it. Kanye West just finished butchering Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury. Its blown up online. It really could not have gone any worse.

Its true, the performance was awful. However, I think (once again) Kanye has been misunderstood. He obviously knows that he has the vocal skills of an elderly penguin. He knows that nothing he could do with that song would rival Queen’s live performances of it.

He wasn’t trying to make Bohemian Rhapsody his own. I doubt he was taking the song for his own personal glory.

Paying tribute to a musician is a very common and real thing. This was Kanye’s way of paying tribute to one of the greats. It is ok to ‘shout out’ to the people that inspire you, even when your abilities fall so very short of theirs.

When I squawk out ‘Imagine’ when I’m at a party playing for friends that are singing along, I am not putting myself on the same level as John Lennon. Its just a group of people that love his writing and talent, and we are appreciating it, and re-living it in a way.

Kanye singing along to Bohemian Rhapsody at his own concert falls into the same vein. It was a massive group of people that have an appreciation for great music, all being together and enjoying a great song, even if Kanye is belting it out of tune over the record. It united everyone.

Singing together being a part of something so big even for the minute the song was being played. It was a tribute to a great, and the execution really did not matter much.

That being said, it was an awful execution. Could not have done it any worse. Also, the video comparing them was pretty hilarious.

Check out this article and watch the video, trust me… it is pretty entertaining.

Image cortesy of www.theinspiration.com
Image cortesy of www.theinspiration.com


  Kanye West completely and utterly failed when he attempted to sing Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury.

The rapper, who was headlining the Pyramid Stage on the Saturday night, was booed as he tried to perform Freddie Mercury’s famous hit and fiddled with his ear-piece. Now a mash-up video has gone viral on YouTube which shows Kanye laugh at the beginning of the song as he tried to get in tune (it wasn’t happening).

Archive footage of Freddie then flashes up of him looking slightly stunned before he bursts out laughing and performs the song himself, which makes for quite hilarious viewing. We weren’t the only ones who thought Kanye’s karaoke-style version went down like a brick at Worthy Farm, along with most of his set.

The viral video has already clocked up more than a million hits on YouTube after being created by blogger Sam Valorose and has dozens of comments from fans.

One user joked: “British Authorities are now requesting the extradition of Kanye West from the US to Britain, to stand trial for the callous, horrific, brutal murder of Bohemian Rhapsody. They added: “It is feared that, should he remain at large, Kanye will murder more songs without pity or remorse.”.

Kanye West vs Freddie Mercury video goes viral after star’s failed attempt at singing Bohemian Rhapsody at Glastonbury – 3am & Mirror Online


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