Why Collective Music Making Could Be The Best Excursion You Could Facilitate For Your Children

drumming children

Playing music as a part of a band can be extremely entertaining, as well as rewarding for youngsters. Apart from giving their self-esteem a sufficient boost, making music together can be one of the healthiest outlets for creativity and a plethora of emotions. When children work together in a group for an upcoming performance, discipline […]

How Much Do We Stand to Lose Without Music Education?

There are endless arguments about the value of music education. These debates largely revolve around the education sector, where there are more demands than the resources available to meet them. School administrators are thus forced to make choices, and these choices are often not in favor of music education. โ€œIt takes time away from academics.โ€ […]

Can Music Really Beat Drugs In Treating Medical Conditions?

Itโ€™s possible that if we took music a little more seriously, we would be in much better health. According to a study conducted by the Psychology Department as McGill University, music is more effective than drugs for a variety of conditions. The study found that music can release natural chemicals and pain relievers in the […]