An inexperienced piano moving company cannot be expected to do a good job. There is no reason for you to trust them with your antique piano. While taking such a risk may help you save a few bucks, the risk of potential damage to your piano is too high. If something goes wrong, you will be kicking yourself for years to come and the hit to your bank account may be another aspect that troubles you.

If you don’t want any regrets, you need to hire an experienced and professional piano moving company who know what they are dealing with – your emotions. Here are a few facts about pianos along with some reasons why it is essential for you to hire professionals:

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  • Size: Most pianos are awkward in size, shape, and heavy. Some of them even weigh more than a thousand pounds. When dealing with such heavy musical equipment, it would be in your best interest to hire professionals. If you are thinking of moving your piano by yourself then you are not only going to be risking damage to your piano but will be risking your safety too. You may injure your back, you may even break a few bones. If your piano is extremely heavy, you may even end up dropping it and damage other things that happen to be in the way. This surely goes a long way in justifying the cost of hiring a professional piano mover.
  • Special care: Your piano needs to be given special attention while it is being moved. They are terribly difficult to transport and need to be handled with care when trying to navigate tricky staircases or hallways. I think I have got your attention here.
  • Equipment used: Professionals also come with special equipment and follow specific techniques that will ensure that the job is done properly. A lot of them will make use of skids which are also known as piano boards. They are meant specifically for transporting pianos. They will also wrap the piano with blankets and try strapping it to these boards so that damage, if any, is minimized. These boards are then loaded on dollies which allow them to transport the pianos towards the exit.
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  • Expensive: Pianos are very expensive. More than that they hold sentimental value to some people. This is something that makes them irreplaceable. Imagine a masterpiece being passed down from generation to generation. When you need to move a piano to which you have an emotional attachment, you want to take every possible precaution to ensure you do not end up damaging it.
  • No job too small: Even if you are just shifting the piano from one room of your house to another, try enlisting the help of piano movers. These guys will know what to do and how to do it. It is not recommended for you to leave such a delicate task in the hands of a relative or a friend or even yourself, to be honest. Your piano may be precious to you but when it comes to smashing the piano and saving your hand you will choose your hand and now you have a damaged piano and perhaps even a damaged home. Not good! You need some people that are smart and strong and who have done this before.
  • Reputation: When you hire a professional piano mover with a solid reputation, they will take personal care while moving your piano. After all, they don’t want to tarnish their reputation either. One negative review can have the same impact as a thousand positive ones.
  • Functioning: Professionals understand the structure of a piano and how it functions. This makes it easier for them to take decisions. After all, they may have already done it a hundred times. This is what they do for a living. If the piano has been in your family for years, you wouldn’t want it to get damaged, right?
  • Weight distribution: The weight of these huge instruments is distributed evenly through the piano case. A moving company with properly trained employees will understand this and will use the right equipment to ensure it is transported properly. An inexperienced company may be able to pull this off too, but the chances of an accident happening while doing it greatly increases. Why take the chance?
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  • Cost: The charges you will have to pay to a piano mover will not only depend on the size of your piano, but also on the distance you need it transported and the difficulty associated with moving it. Be sure you discuss the cost and terms of the move in detail before engaging their services.

Give them a call. You can search online for piano movers in your area. Read reviews that users have posted about the piano movers in your area and further research the ones with the best reviews.

When making a decision, choose the company which has the most experience in moving pianos. Don’t just settle for the first company you come across. Spending this additional time on your search will certainly be worth it. It will probably just take you another few minutes.

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