Music education can probably teach you more about life than any other curricular activity or education. There are many music teachers who can, unintentionally, teach you things about life that you have not learned, otherwise. If you have or are taking piano lessons, you might have come across many lessons for life. You may have missed out on many things if you did not pay attention to them. If you have, below are some life lessons that you might have missed and that nobody can teach better than your very own piano teacher.

There isn’t anything that you cannot do

Let’s take a look back at your first piano class. Could you place the right finger on the correct key? Could you make sense out of anything that you learned? No, because you thought it was impossible to play the piano without messing up the melody.

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Let’s come back to your progress and where you are right now. Did you ever think you could come this far? But since you have, you think it is easy playing piano and that there is nothing that you cannot learn to play. Same is the case with life. Life may not be as simple as playing an instrument with black and white keys, however, a little lesson causes no harm. This little experience becomes a powerful lesson for life, which basically means you should never stop or give up.

You should keep going even when you make errors

The piano is not an easy instrument to learn. It takes years of practice to perfect it and play it without referring to the sheets. Memorizing long sets can be difficult but once you do it, you tend to make mistakes, if you are playing them for the first time. Your teacher will always ask you to either continue or start all over again. This is one of the greatest lessons of life. Whenever in life you make a mistake, you should always remember to get back up and keep going on, for life gives you chances to make amends.

There is not gain without pain

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The piano may not ask you to bleed your fingers until you can’t feel them anymore or have wounded toes because of too much practice, but it does require you to make some sacrifices. If you want to be the best, you gotta work hard for it. You will have to reschedule all your chores and quit binge watching those TV shows and disappointing movies like Star Wars VII and Jurassic World. You have to cut down on all your entertainment and dedicate all your extra time to practice. Similarly, life, too, demands certain things from you for letting you meet your goals hence, you have to be prepared for working hard and for making sacrifices.

Set a target and focus on your aim

Like mentioned earlier, you cannot do everything at once. Clear the clutter out of your life and set a goal. Strive, every day, to meet this goal and your purpose of learning to play the piano. For many, initial experiences of setting goals could be practicing, for hours. Your goals in life resemble the goals of piano lessons. In life, as well, you have set a goal and work hard to achieve it. There is no other way of doing it.

Slow and steady wins the race

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You might have heard the story about the turtle and the rabbit and how the turtle slowly wins the race. Life may not be a race but you are in a constant conflict with yourself because you tend to keep challenging your own capabilities and limits, which in turn makes you your own competitor. There is no shortcut to success and therefore, you cannot expect yourself to get to the top in just a couple of years. Just like you learn to play the piano key by key, you have to get through life phase by phase. Remember that you are a beginner unless you are a master. And you are never a master.

You are allowed to be emotional

The piano is an excellent way for letting out those suppressed emotions. Your piano lessons will teach you that you do not always have to play it tough in life. Some tears, here and there, are completely okay. You are only human and you can suffer from an emotional breakdown, at some point. Everyone does and nobody’s judging you because they cannot walk even a mile in your shoes.

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