President’s Message – November 2016

A message from Alan Merriam Congratulations to all of our new students for making it through the first two months of the school year.  I hope everyone has had a chance to familiarize themselves with opportunities like Jam Nights, Keyfest Labs, Sign-up Recitals, and also to meet your Education Counsellor.  If not, please look for […]

Awards Celebration Sale – Starts September 22nd 2015

music lessons

What It’s About Merriam Music has received three of our industry’s most cherished awards over the last 6 months. It’s a first for us, and we’re honoured to receive them. The awards are the Top 10 Retailers (North America) from Music Inc., the Top 100 Dealers Award (global) from NAMM, and the Top Dealer of […]

What Makes The Kawai ES100 Stand Out In The Digital Piano Market?

Hi, My name is Stu Harrison, and I am coming to you from Merriam Pianos today and we are going to be talking about the #Kawai ES100 #digital #piano. Now, this a model that’s caught quite a bit of attention over the last few months since it’s been out on the market, and I had a chance […]

Kawai K3 vs. Yamaha U1: Fresh 2014 Reviews

Yamaha U1 Soundboard

The Yamaha U1 & Kawai K3 Review: The 48-Inch Japanese piano domination continues – is it the right choice for you? Rise of Japanese Industry in the 1970’s Many things in the North American manufacturing sector began to change in the 1970’s, and the traditionally accepted peak of domestic production across many industries was 1973. […]

January 18th 2014 – 2:30pm (Oakville Recital Hall)

Tickets available now for $10.   Saturday January 18 – 2:30 pm    $10 Davide DiRenzo w/ Mark Lalama and Rich Moore Don’t miss Juno-winning drummer Davide Direnzo at Merriam Music! Davide Direnzo (jackSoul, Canadian Idol, Holly Cole, Tomi Swick, and many others) is among Canada’s most recognizable musicians. Davide has won six Juno awards to date, […]

January 17th 2014 – 7PM DRUMFEST (Oakville Recital Hall)

Drum Lessons Event: Drumfest Concert Friday January 17 – 7pm $10 Friday January 17 – 7pm   $10   Al Webster w/ Jordan John and Prakash John   Merriam Music is proud to present this incredible trio of musicians. Al Webster (Colin James, Amanda Marshall, Jeff Healey) Al is one of the most in-demand touring and session […]