The W. Hoffmann T161 by C. Bechstein is likely the best value, fully-European made baby grand piano on the market! The model is the smallest grand in the W. Hoffmann Tradition line; and is one of a handful of European grand pianos available under $50,000. The T161 has a very impressive sound and pleasant touch for a piano of its size; European quality at an affordable price.

W. Hoffmann pianos are both designed and manufactured by C. Bechstein Europe, and use the highest quality CNC machinery, top-grade woods, the latest design trends, and hand-craftsmanship in the musical city of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

The T161 is the perfect instrument for home or institution looking for an incredibly high-value and uniquely expressive instrument that won’t take up much space, but will still deliver a wonderfully satisfying musical experience for many years.