The W. Hoffmann T186 Grand piano is the largest offering in the Tradition line of Hoffmann pianos from C. Bechstein Europe. This piano is arguably the best value full 6’ European piano on the market today and is built in the same style as Bechstien’s legendary German grand pianos.

The T186 has a beautiful balance of tonal clarity and warmth as well as an extremely precise action. By all accounts, this piano sounds and feels like a European/German instrument.

W. Hoffmann pianos are both designed and manufactured by C. Bechstein Europe, and use the highest quality CNC machinery, top-grade woods, the latest design trends, and hand-craftsmanship in the musical city of Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic.

The W. Hoffmann T186 is the most affordable, fully European, 6’ footer available from C. Bechstein Europe, and would be the perfect addition to any home, studio, or performance hall.