Kawai ES7 Portable Digital Piano Review

The Kawai ES7 is not new to the North American digital piano market. In fact, the ES7 has been out for a little more than a year but something keeps its relevant, and something is keeping this piano still one of the hottest digital pianos out there. TONE The first thing that strikes you about […]

Whats New With The Kawai K300 – Review and Video

Kawai K300

Lets take a look at the Kawai K300 upright piano, and most importantly what they’ve done to update the Kawai K300 from the Kawai K-3. A good amount of people who are looking at Kawai Upright pianos these days are very familiar with the K-3 (Kawai’s previous 48 inch piano) and the number one question […]

What Makes The Kawai CE220 Stand Out In Its Price Range?

  What makes this digital piano so great?   We’re going to start with the touch because of course that’s what stands out about this instrument the most for people when they start researching possibilities in the $2000 -$2500 price range. All of a sudden the Kawai CE220 comes up again and again and everybody […]

Kawai K15 Review: Why Has Kawai’s K-15 Been Recieving So Much Attention

Today we’ll be discussing an instrument that has a very personal past to me, the Kawai K15 Continental Console. I grew up with many instruments in my home, but when I graduated from University, the Kawai K15 Continental was actually the very first instrument that ever graced my own home, bought with my own money. I had it […]

University Experts Review Music Lessons at Merriam Music

Merraim Music Lesson Review

Four music education experts sat down to discuss Merriam Music. Here’s what they felt were its reasons for success. “I am extremely impressed with the Merriam program on so many levels,” said Brian Chung. “Across North America I can’t think of another company that has so successfully combined is retail and music education with a level […]

The myth of private music lessons – Do they really produce the best results?

Private or Group

    As the owner of a large music school in Canada, I have closely observed over twenty thousand beginner students (including my own 5 children) during the past 30 years. I am one of the fortunate few that has been able to gain a unique perspective on this issue; what works, what is least […]

SHANAYA PATEL VIDEO: Have You Always Wanted To Learn How To Sing?

Shania Patel

S H A N A Y A     P A T E L Shanaya Patel has always wanted to sing. And she consistently charms and wows audiences whenever she steps in front of a microphone. But she didn’t always feel comfortable on stage, didn’t always know how to control her breath, how to properly […]

Survey: Top Toronto Home Staging Professionals Reveal One Of Their Most Profitable Staging Tricks

Toronto Family staging their home for sale

  Forget art, flowers, and fresh paint. Grand pianos are the #1 staging boost to resale value. For more infromation and competitive piano rental rates please contact Cody Nyman at 905-829-2020 Sherry Templeton listed her house in Toronto for sale last July, after she and her husband decided it was time to upgrade to a […]

How Merriam Productions Changed the Game for Toronto Recording Studios, And Why It Is Getting So Much Attention

Recording Facility

  MODERN MUSICIANS NEED AUDIO, VIDEO, BROADCAST, AND SOCIAL MEDIA JUST TO BE SEEN. SO WHY BUILD A STUDIO THAT ONLY DOES ONE OF THOSE THINGS? Merriam productions recording studio is presenting an entirely new vision of what a production facility can do. There are already dozens upon dozens of professional recording studios in Toronto. […]

When does having your Music Lessons endorsed by experts actually matter?

Music Lessons endorsement

Article: “University Experts Review Merriam Music” Why are Merriam Music’s music lessons getting so much attention? We live in an age of influence, where it seems that corporations can manufacture consent with very little difficulty. Conjuring endorsements from every walk of life, to sing the praises of a product or service, so that our level of […]