Celemony’s Melodyne 4 Reinvents Multi-track Editing and Sound Design – NAMM 2016

If you’re into music composing & editing, you probably already know about Melodyne and its range of professional music editing software. For those who don’t, Melodyne is the pinnacle of pitch quality and time manipulation software, along with vocal tuning and audio alternation. From the house of Celemony, Melodyne has been the software of choice […]

Technology: Can Music Education Survive Without It?

Technology has and continues to change various facets of everyday life. This has also become true of the music education sector . While traditional forms of music education remain dominant, technology is increasingly becoming a vital element that enhances the way things are done in teaching and learning music. A few examples of this are […]

Why Is New Music Education Technology Targeting China And Not The West?

If you haven’t heard of Tonara, it’s an interactive sheet music app that keeps score as a song is performed through its acoustic polyphonic score following, and automatically turns the page when the player reaches the end of a page. Earlier this year, the Israeli startup got a financial boost from a major investment from […]