How Music Is Useful For All Aspects Of Life

how music is useful in life

Music is a universal art that is appreciated by people from all walks of life. The genre and style may vary, but it is music all the same, and a central factor in many cultures. It constitutes an intricate part of daily human life. Whether in times of celebration or just in the routines of […]

8 Questions to Ask When Buying a Used Piano

Buying a used piano allows you to save a lot of money. It may also be the only option you have to owning a good piano on a tight budget. Fortunately, pianos have a pretty good life expectancy, so a used piano that is well maintained could really give you value for money. However, since […]

4 Major Reasons Why Music Is Really Being Cut From Schools

Anxiety is a common companion for music advocates, parents, teachers, and even students at the end of every budget cycle as they wait to find out whether their favorite programs have been cut. Cutting music programs has become commonplace in many of the public schools of the developed world. They always seem to be the […]

7 Ways To Keep Your Teenage Piano Students Interested

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Any piano teacher with young students can tell you how challenging it is to retain their teenage students. Kids always seem to be fully engaged when they are younger, but this quickly changes when they hit their teenage years. There’s a whole lot of reasons why this occurs, as discussed by Alejandro Cremaschi: Premature lesson […]

Living Examples of How The Young Generation Is Saving Classical Music

2 Cellos

As Christmas concerts open everywhere, the perennial worry about the future of classical music persists. A lot of conversations are centered on funding for orchestras, the ‘aging’ audience and the challenge of introducing children to classical music. Although classical music faces a lot of challenges, the truth is that generally, music is becoming so much […]

Why Is New Music Education Technology Targeting China And Not The West?

If you haven’t heard of Tonara, it’s an interactive sheet music app that keeps score as a song is performed through its acoustic polyphonic score following, and automatically turns the page when the player reaches the end of a page. Earlier this year, the Israeli startup got a financial boost from a major investment from […]

Musical Dyslexia: What Is It And Does It Really Exist?

Music teachers sometimes come across students that consistently skip notes, don’t keep to the time values, add their own rhythms and find it hard or impossible to keep in time or maintain a steady pulse. You might be tempted to write it off as disinterest, lack of talent or being disorganized, and you may be […]

3 Things You Must Tell Your Child When Starting To Learn A Musical Instrument

As a parent, you probably already know that learning to play a musical instrument will benefit your child in so many ways. An important question we may not always ask is whether your child understands what value it holds for him or her. And even if they know the benefits, do they appreciate its significance? […]

11 Ways To Lose A Band Student

Any good band teacher doesn’t want to lose his or her students. But you will sometimes find that you can’t help it – a student may simply lack interest and drop out, and there’s not much you can do if the student simply won’t put the effort. In fact, you might breathe a sigh of […]

10 Songs That Might Actually Teach Kids Something About Life

Earlier this year, AQA, Britain’s biggest exam board approved the study of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, a Beatle’s music album, as part of the curriculum for GCSE music students. The album is considered appropriate because it helped “define popular music”. In particular, three tracks from the album were selected to be studied by […]