4 Ways You Can Use Music to Make Your Everyday Life More Enjoyable

‘There’s a time and place for everything!’ You’ve probably heard this very many times, and if you’ve lived long enough to have made a couple of mistakes and learned a few lessons from them, you know this is true. It’s also true about music. There is a time and place for every type of music, […]

Scientific Study: Music as an Enabler for Supernormal Academic Achievements

listening to music

You probably know this already―music helps you enjoy what you’re doing, and become better at it. However, scientists and researchers have dissected this belief to the core, and have exciting results to report, straight from the gym. 20 adults were made to participate in 2 interval workouts involving four cycling sprints interspersed with rest periods […]

Affordable Ways To Make Music A Part Of Your Child’s Development

Whether it’s through intentional effort or not, music plays an important role in children’s lives, both formally and informally. Music is one of the few things that can stimulate the entire brain, impacting one’s cognition, motor skills, language, emotional health and social development. Thanks to increased and widespread knowledge, most parents today appreciate these benefits. […]

Learning Music Empowers Your Child for Supernormal Success—Science Says So

Does your kid kick up a fuss when you take him/her for the weekly piano class? Are you ready to give up in despair? Don’t! Several studies have shown that learning music empowers your child’s cognitive and psychical abilities and also helps with overall psychological development. Musical training accentuates perception, memory, analytic and reasoning skills, […]

9 Stories From Around The World Proving Music Has The Power To Change Lives

Music has the power to change lives in the most amazing ways. Unfortunately, it’s often considered a pastime or expensive hobby that is most enjoyed by the affluent among us, but this view is uninformed and downright wrong. Tom Barnes shared nine amazing stories from around the world proving that the power of music is […]