[INFOGRAPHIC] 10 Proven Tips To Improve Your Piano Posture

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If you’re going to play the piano well, you must be physically and mentally flexible and relaxed. Many people want to believe that their musical intuition should be enough to help them play well. Unfortunately, this may have a negative effect on one’s health, and it becomes difficult to interact with maximum efficiency with the […]

10 Phenomenal Reasons for Parents to Enroll Kids for Music Lessons

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They say that music is food for the soul, but what they don’t tell you is that music has a number of intrinsic benefits when taught to young people. Musicians and music fans have always advocated the need for music and instruments training. And, a number of recent studies have revealed that music can actually […]

Why We Love The Piano (And You Might, Too!)

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Those who professionally learn piano know that it is not any easy instrument to master nor to comprehend. With 88 keys and the maximum range of pitches, playing the piano is a miracle of hand-eye coordination, tune sense, and memory. However, this imposing instrument also has several quirky facts associated with it. Read on, and […]

An Intro into the World of Pianos – Types, Designs, Sizes


Whether it classical jazz, soulful blues, or even mainstream rock, the piano transcends the seventeenth century time frame it was invented in and remains one of the most popular musical instruments ever played. Over the course of time, however, many versions of the same instrument have been designed and used. Of course, this means that […]

Why On Earth Would You Start Piano Lessons As An Adult? Here’s Why…

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A lot of people start playing the piano when they’re young, but many of them stop somewhere along the way because they have little interest or get distracted. Many of them eventually find their way back. They say that youth is wasted on the young, but it’s nothing compared to piano lessons. When I look […]

How to Practice Piano Off the Keys – For Adults

Practice plays a crucial role in any piano player’s life – it’s one activity that determines how successful you will be as an instrumentalist. However, it demands time, and lots of it – and if you’re like most people, it may be difficult to find as much time to practice as you’d like. However, this […]

3 Surefire Tricks to Avoid Getting Bored During Piano Practice

People love to play the piano for different reasons. You may want to be able to play your favorite classical piano pieces, or to take piano examinations or even take part in performances, festivals or competitions. Whatever the case, you will need to put in a good number of hours of practice if you’re going […]

8 Differences Between Adults And Children Learning Music

When is it too late to start music lessons? Never. It is never too late to learn something new. To play and enjoy playing music you do not need to start at age 4. You do not need talent. You do not need youth to learn a new skill. This is a conversation I have […]