Piano Learning For Everyone – Vital Info To Help You Take Control

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Contrary to popular misconceptions, there is no ideal age for enrolling in piano lessons. So stop giving excuses that youโ€™re too young or too old to start, you just need the right attitude and eagerness to learn. And it is totally fine if you want to start learning on your own through a series of […]

How Should An Adult Start Learning Piano?

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For an adult, busting the age old myths and embarking on a new musical journey can be quite adventurous and exciting at the same time! Since acquiring piano skills is a long-term goal, it is difficult to accomplish without a certain degree of commitment. However, if you have that motivation in you, coupled with a […]

The Most Practical Tips Any Adult Can Adopt For Quicker Progress In Learning The Piano

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Do you love the piano? Do you rue skipping your piano lessons as a child? Do you feel bad you dropped your dream of being a piano master way too soon? Do you feel that itโ€™s too late now? Well learning is never limited by boundaries of age, be it any learning a new language, […]

What Are The Main Reasons Why People Drop Out Of Piano Lessons?

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So you think youโ€™ll just pick up any instrument and hit the right chords automatically? Well, reality is different, it is not all rainbows and sunshine, playing the piano requires immense effort and patience. Piano lessons are not everyoneโ€™s cup of tea. Statistics show how most piano students quit their music classes within weeks of […]

How Do I Get Started Learning Jazz Piano?

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It is the spontaneity of creative expression that demarcates the boundary between classical and jazz playing styles. Jazz piano transcends the realms of classical playing and encompasses distinctive sounds and rhythms which are developed by awe-inspiring techniques of improvisation. Since each jazz style is characterized by a unique chord progression and beats, your jazz lessons […]

The 3 Most Important People In The Life Of Any Musician

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Any musician, whether they only sing, or play an instrument, or both, need certain people around them. The journey toward success is never lonesome. There are crucial people that play a huge role in making the journey successful. As a musician, it is important to realize that people are precious resources. Wondering which of them […]

How Can I Learn Sound Piano Techniques Without Lessons?

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When most people decide to learn the piano, the first thing they do is to hire a teacher. But there are a number of reasons why learning on your own might be a good thing. There is a lot of information that can help you with this on the Internet for one. It certainly is […]

Back to Basics – The Unforgettable Lessons Every Pianist Swears By

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With its soft smooth notes and deep sound, the piano is perhaps the best instrument for aspiring musicians who want to make it big in the industry. The keys and chords of the piano have a language of their own โ€“ a code that every emerging pianist strives to master. You must be familiar with […]

Becoming A Multi-Instrumentalist – The Basic Ingredients

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Playing any instrument at a professional level is no mean feat. That’s why becoming a pro at more than one instrument is something worth celebrating. The question is, what does it take to become a multi-instrumentalist? The following advice from Willy M will help you get started: Passion Of course, there has to be real […]

How To Make Your Piano Practice Sessions Awesome


It is in the practice room that any musician moves from being a novice to an expert at their instrument. The time dedicated to practice is the investment that will determine how much they get in return. If you really want to get the desired results out of your practice time, you need to be […]